Collateralizing digital assets in exchange for FIAT.

Low Interest Rates

Single Digit Rates

A new way to tap into the value of your crypto holdings.

Our lending program provides individuals and institutions with an alternative to liquidating their coins. Focusing on large transaction loans between 1mm-25mm USD, we have structured procedures that are safe and secure.


We have formed partnerships with top legal and financial institutions to bring a tier 1 crypto lending program to market.

Our Clients

We have created a solution that fulfills a need in the industry for a wide array of clients.

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    We work with ICO's that have successfully raised BTC & ETH looking hold their coin but still need to fund their growth via traditional currencies.

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    We work with some of the largest mining operations in North America, assisting them in accessing traditional currencies to fund expansions and covering operational costs.

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    Investors that have taken a position in BTC & ETH can now leverage their holdings to diversify their portfolios while still maintaining ownership of their coins.

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    Traders that constantly need access to USD can now raise funds through their BTC & ETH holdings.


We offer multiple financial services for crypto and traditional finance, ask us how we can help you.

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